9mm Atlas

9mm Atlas is a tentative new cartridge specification which may exhibit 750ftlb of muzzle energy in the same compact, economical, and ubiquitous form as 9mm Luger. The concept makes use of yet-untapped potential afforded by both the high-pressure performance of recently-developed NAS3 case technology and gains in metallurgical strength and reliability over the last century, to push autoloading pistols to pressures typically only reached by modern rifles.
The specification may be regarded as similar to "9mmX19+P++++++++", "9mm Major", or ".960 Rowland" in concept, but is designed and developed to a safe, professional, and far-optimized standard.


The course of Dagny Dagger development has underscored the role of muzzle energy in penetrative handgun ballistics which may greatly enhance individual defensive capability. This seems to favor large cartridges like 10mm auto, but such big-bore loads and their child cartridges are niche, expensive, bulky, and heavy, as are the firearms which host them. These factors along with heavy recoil have stayed 9mm Luger's popularity for personal defense despite 120 years of technological development since its debut. There is obvious advantage to a cartridge which boasts the power of 10mm but the economy, recoil, magazine capacity, and market options of 9mm.

Form & Features

Cartridge/Chamber Geometry: Identical to 9mm Luger

9mm Luger is the most common centerfire cartridge in the world such that firearms, magazines, loading components, accessories, and gear for the specification are all widely and economically available, and likewise compatible with 9mm Atlas.

Chamber Pressure: 65ksi

This is not only the pressure rating of 9mm NAS3 cases but also the traditional ceiling of rifle pressure, above which accelerated barrel erosion may prove logistically impractical. Cartridges which lack pressure specification leave handloads, and even factory loads, lost somewhere in the danger of overpressure or in the suboptimal performance of underpressure.
90ksi proof pressure.

Cartridge Identification: "9mm Atlas" Headstamp, Black Anodized Casehead

Otherwise dangerously indistinguishable from 9mm Luger, a black casehead is even more visible than the red ink specified by SAAMI to mark proof loads, obvious even for those of diminished vision and the colorblind. Anodization unique to NAS3 resists wear and removal of black dye. We will work with industry partners to ensure these cases are available to commercial and handloaders alike.

Standard Projectile Weight: 90gr.

Light, fast projectiles are ideal for reduced recoil in addition to maximized energy and penetration. Ideal for inexpensive target and practice loads, the lightest commonly-available jacketed lead .355" projectiles weigh 90gr.

Optimized Twist Rate for Improved Ballistics

SAAMI-standard 1:10" twist of 9mm Luger is much too severe for such a short bullet pushed to such high velocity, inducing a misappropriation of ballistic energy into excessive spin and even incipient projectile disintegration. 

Superior Compensator/Brake Efficacy

Minimal per-energy recoil may be even further decimated, and muzzle flip entirely eliminated, by use of a compensator/muzzle brake device. The potential efficacy of such devices, strongly dependent on at-muzzle propellant gas pressure and volume, is greatly enhanced by the high pressure and small bore of 9mm Atlas relative to other platforms of similar power.

Conversion Parts: Barrel, Recoil Spring

Firearms parts manufacturers will offer inexpensive parts kits to convert modern combat pistols from 9mm Luger to 9mm Atlas. Constructed of stronger steel, a replacement barrel bears adjusted rifling and locking geometry, while a stiffer replacement recoil spring buffers increased slide recoil.
Convert back and forth in seconds.

Clear and Objective Practical Advantage Over:

  • 9mm Luger
  • .40 S&W
  • .357 Sig
  • 10mm Auto
  • 9mmX25 Dillon
  • .38 Super
  • "9mm Major"
  • ".960 Rowland"